Training Academy Sessions

Do you want to experience the superior educational benefits of Ungerboeck training in a hands-on, interactive setting? Check out the Ungerboeck Training Academy! The Training Academy day will consist of two half-day sessions, with each session covering one of the topics below.

Registration is required prior to the start of the conference to attend these sessions.

Amplify your Administration Skills and Knowledge (Administration)

Put Ungerboeck Administration features into practice in this hands-on session with an Ungerboeck Expert. Learn the best practices to create roles and users, how to assign access privileges and configure access management. Explore creating themes, layouts, workflow buttons, system views and favourites. Learn everything to get your organisation rolling!

'Amplify your Administration Skills and Knowledge' Course Curriculum

Discover Hidden Gems Within Venue Features (Venue)

Don’t miss out on learning about powerful features that are not always used to the fullest potential. From learning how to configure more complex packages to elevate your sales, to service order tips and tricks to make the ordering process easier, walk away with ideas on how you can implement new features and processes to make your organisation run more smoothly. Amp up your organisation’s efficiency with knowledge on customising the Booking Calendar as well as configuring custom fields, inline notes, order items and workflow buttons. This is a session packed full of useful information you do not want to miss!

'Discover Hidden Gems Within Venue Features' Course Curriculum

Accelerate your Month-End Processes (Financials)

Is closing your month-end period taking too long? Do you struggle to create meaningful month-end reports? Do you struggle to troubleshoot problems? In this hands-on session, we will show you how to resolve some of the most common problems that arise during month end-processing and how you can develop reports that provide your management with the correct information. Discover how to create a more efficient month-end process using all the features Ungerboeck Software has to offer. It will be beneficial to have an understanding of financial accounting practices.

'Accelerate your Month-End Processes' Course Curriculum

Expand your Registration Capabilities to the Maximum (Event Organiser)

For those who have mastered the basics of registration, attend this course to learn how to configure and use advanced features! Learn how to configure registration for multiple price lists, create cancellation fees and configure merchandise. Create different registration experiences for different attendee types by creating multiple web configurations to provide your attendees a custom registration experience. Explore the different pricing capabilities with volume pricing and promotional codes. Learn how to best utilise registrant validation as well as registrant approvals and badges. Don’t miss this course to learn how you can take your registration to a whole new level.

'Expand your Registration Capabilities to the Maximum' Course Curriculum

Turning Your Venue Dashboard into a Powerful Information Centre (Venue)

In this course, join an Ungerboeck Dashboard Expert to learn how to take your dashboards to the next level. Discover how to create dashboards that are important to your organisation and industry. Building upon the basic dashboard functionality already available, you will explore the use of summary fields and the various charting capabilities to take your Dashboard from an information display to a powerful information centre that provides the data that drives your organisation! It would be beneficial to have some knowledge of Microsoft Office Excel formulas.

'Turning Your Venue Dashboard into a Powerful Information Centre' Course Curriculum

Financial Reporting with the Ungerboeck Spreadsheet (Financials)

This Training Academy course is intended for Financial users who are looking to boost their financial reporting with Microsoft Excel. In this course, you will learn how to create an Income Statement and an Event Performance Report. You will also dive into Table Retrievals and how to use advanced Excel features such as SQL Generation, Parameters, Cell Referencing and much more! Existing knowledge of Ungerboeck general ledger operations is preferred.

'Financial Reporting with the Ungerboeck Spreadsheet' Course Curriculum

*Session titles and descriptions are subject to change at any time.
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