Session Descriptions

The 2017 Ungerboeck Asia-Pacific Conference offers our users the opportunity to learn and grow through a variety of session formats. Whether you are new to Ungerboeck Software or have been using it for years, there are sessions available for your user level and experience.

A New Dimension of Exhibitions - The Exhibitor Portal and Exhibition Floor Plan

Learn about the new Exhibition Floor Plan and all related features and recommended processes. Discover the new Exhibitor Portal and see how you can maximise your exhibitors' journey and experience, ultimately helping you to increase your revenue. You will be amazed!

CRM Best Practices - Proven Strategies to Maximise Your Sales Success

Learn how to take full advantage of Ungerboeck's CRM features to maximise your sales. From online inquiries through sales qualification and advanced CRM reporting, learn all the best practices successful organisations use in Ungerboeck.

Digitise your Venue - Digital and Technical Services for your Venue

Learn how digitisation can help you transform your relationship with your clients, enriching their experience as well as your revenue opportunities. In this session we will review a few examples of digital projects Ungerboeck has recently delivered or engineered, including the web customer portal, modern localisation services or Pinterest event calendars.

Tips, Tricks and Best Practice

Learn how to use many of the common functions, shortcuts to navigate the system, how to utilise built-in productivity features and better ways to manage your data. Along the way, you will see many “hidden gems” in the software you didn’t even know existed. You are certain to walk away with strategies to improve your productivity with tips and tricks.

Access Management Best Practices

Learn from an Ungerboeck Software expert the recommended best practices for access management. Moving from v19 to v20? Join this session to learn the best practice recommendations to simplify access management configuration. Unsure of how to manage all of your roles? This session will provide you with the guidance you need to create and manage the roles within the system. Overwhelmed with the "grant and deny" options for sections, actions and columns? Don’t miss out on gaining insight into how Ungerboeck Software recommends approaching this. 

The Buzz with What's New In Function Check-In 

If you need to track attendance by session, this is the session for you! Come see the new function check-in feature which allows you to check in attendees to sessions using a mobile app or Registration Check-In (RCI). Also discover how your badges can be configured to streamline check-in processes for attendees and staff.

Creating an Ungerboeck Community

Learn how bringing together your Ungerboeck users creates a strong community that promotes the use of the software, communicates changes and encourages collaboration. In this session, we will also share strategies to help manage turnover as well as how to prepare for people who may leave the organisation. Also discover the benefits of the Ungerboeck user community within the Knowledge Base

Best Practices for Venues

Learn about practical techniques and state of the art features usage gained from senior consulting and client experience to improve your organisation business processes

New Dashboard and Reporting for Venues and Organisers

In this session you will discover the new dashboard reporting functionalities of 20.9, how to configure them and take advantage of them. We continue on reviewing the power of onscreen reporting and the advance of custom fields. In the end we will cover each market segment most meaningful existing reports and frequently used dashboard types. 

Registration: What's New and Best Practices

Are you curious about whether or not you are utilising Registration to its fullest potential? Do you wonder how other organisations configure a challenging registration scenario? In this session, you will learn best practices for simple to sophisticated registration setup and how to utilise new registration features. In addition, learn proven techniques for configuring and managing registration that make online forms eye catching, simple and very effective. Don’t miss out on this opportunity to make your online registration forms a joy to use for your customers. Leave this session ready to implement these new features at your organisation and streamline registration workflows.

 Effective Financial Reporting Tools

Get the most out of your financial data by learning from an Ungerboeck Financial expert the top financial reporting tools. Learn about financial reports that Ungerboeck Software customers use in order to report and analyse their financials, commonly used financial views as well as see financial dashboard and summary field examples. This session will focus on analysis inquiries and reports, not financial statements (EBMS Spreadsheets).

Leveraging Financials

How can Financial users get the most out of the software? We will take you on a tour through identifying workflows currently available while highlighting new functionality. You will get an insight into Accounts Receivable enhancements and reporting, the newly improved Payment Portal, Purchasing and Payables and General ledgers. Attend this session to learn about the available financial features available to you today!

The Exhibitor Service Centre - Raising The Bar On Exhibitor Sales and Service

The experience you and your exhibitors have with your exhibition starts well before anyone ever steps foot on the show floor. Learn how to boost your online booth service sales while increasing exhibitor satisfaction with our innovative tool that was built for exhibitors to order booth services online. The powerful online service centre helps you to optimise the exhibitor experience across the entire exhibitor journey

Troubleshooting Performance Issues: Hosted and On-Premise Databases

A representative from the Ungerboeck Software Client Care Team will guide you through the process of identifying and troubleshooting performance issues. Learn about the tools currently available and built-in parameter settings that can be enabled to improve your database performance.

*Session titles and descriptions are subject to change at any time.